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Toronto’s Best Microblading Salon & Training Academy specializing in Nano Brow Tattoo for Hair loss/Alopecia for women and men.

Our studio offers a variety of permanent makeup services. We specialize in enhancing and replicating hyper-realistic eyebrows for both men and women. We have helped many customers to increase their level of confidence and beauty.

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Tho Dang (pronounced “Tah”) is the brilliant artist & trainer behind Tho Brows. She is very passionate about helping women look their best.

Artistry, problem-solving and sharing her knowledge are just some of the aspects of Tho’s work that she truly loves. Tho’s inclusive attitude really helps her make a connection with her clients.

Tho has been trained & certified by famous permanent makeup trainers from all over the world since 2017. She is today a highly recognized permanent makeup artist with thousands of client treatments completed.

So whether you’re seeking expert help or brows training – Tho is here to help you!

Tho Dang-Owner
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  • Founded and operated by Tho Dang– Tho Brows Studio exclusively focuses on achieving the most natural healed results in eyebrow digital microblading/nano strokes
  • We use proprietary techniques and instruments, as well as top quality products that enhance the quality of our work
  • Our team is made up of experienced artists who are highly skilled and talented
  • We have over +230 FIVE STAR reviews on Google
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Machine Hairstrokes - Make it stand out
Machine Hairstrokes - Make it stand out

We have been doing Microblading for over 3 years and now we rarely do this service anymore. We have switched to Nano technique as the benefits have shown to be better for our clients. . It’s the latest technique to create eyebrow hair like strokes. People called it by many different names: Machine Hairstrokes, Digital Microblading & Nano Brows.

Nano Machine Hair strokes is a perfect option for oily skin, mature skin, clients with previous tattoo that may not be best suited for Microblading.

Nano Strokes last longer . It’s about 1-3 years depending on your skin type, lifestyle, and how you take care of them. Some clients will come yearly for a touch up because they want them extra dark, however most of our clients will come after 2 years for a touch up.

Nano Brows is done with a single needle machine and only goes over the very surface of the skin making this method much less invasive than Microblading which causes the procedure to be much less painful.

Microblading service involves cutting the skin. Clients will have pinpoint bleeding during the procedure. Over time , if artists keep cutting the skin due to color fading overtime (some clients require 6 months touch up ). Scarring is potential to be happened with many Microblading sessions

The healed results with Nano Machine Hair Strokes also last longer than microblading which means clients can have better retention with this service

There is zero downtime needed. You will be given an after care kit after the appointment with a detailed care instruction of how you can take care of your brows. Within 7-14 Days you will have light scabbing and flaking. For 2 weeks and or when your scabs fall off naturally, you will be asked to not wear makeup directly on your brows, stay out of direct sunlight, no excessive sweating, swimming, or getting your brows wet. You will be given instructions on how to shower and wash your face while keeping your brows dry. The process will repeat again after the brows touch up

As with any cosmetic service we can not make any guarantees on your final healed result. As the majority of our clients leave extremely happy, we have had clients where their skin would not retain the pigment after their touch up and had a less than satisfactory result. We will always do what we know works for the majority of our clients however we have no control on how the clients skin will retain.